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Our tastings

Our tastings

Blends, Blanc de Blancs and Blanc de Noirs, Vintage or Non-Vintage, Brut, Extra-Brut, and other dosages... we express the diversity of Champagne through a weekly selection of champagnes, Côteaux Champenois and spirits, selected from our 200 references.

Our team of experts will help you to better understand the world of Champagne and the Club, all while initiating you through the tasting.


Our masterclasses

Introduction to champagne tasting:
Discover what makes champagne an exceptional wine.

Brut, Extra-Brut, Vintage or Rosé... through a tasting of 3 champagnes from independent winegrowers, you will learn how grapes become champagne, as well as its specific characteristics.

Duration of MasterClass: 45''

The Diversity of Champagne:
Discover the aromatic differences of the Champagne grape varieties.

In Champagne, 3 grape varieties dominate. To discover their differences, we invite you to taste 3 champagnes, each made exclusively from one of these 3 grape varieties. Will you be able to identify their aromatic characteristics?

Duration of MasterClass: 1h30

The Terroirs of Champagne:
Discover the characteristics of the Champagne terroirs.

The Spécial Club cuvées celebrate the terroirs of our winegrowers and of their expertise. Through a tasting of Spécial Club wines, discover the specific characteristics of these terroirs.

Duration of MasterClass: 1h30

Champagne and Gastronomy :
The perfect pairing

Opening a bottle of champagne is often synonymous with celebration. But let us also convince you that champagne has its place at the table. Through a carefully thought out bespoke menu, we will host your food and champagne pairing tasting.

Duration of MasterClass: 2 hours