Club Trésors
de Champagne

A human adventure

Since 1971, the Club Trésors de Champagne has brought together Champagne winegrowers who share values, in order to progress together in facing the challenges of tomorrow.

For these winegrowers, united around the preservation of their terroirs and of their know-how, Champagne is a story that is told through each bottle.

The cuvée Spécial Club, a cuvée of excellence, is the reflection of their particularity, their personalities, and their terroirs.

Our Clubmen & Clubwomen

A Club of excellence

The Club is made up of 24 Clubwomen and Clubmen, recognized for their excellent work and selected from amongst the best estates in Champagne.

This is the only organization in Champagne to select its winegrowers according to implacable criteria. Being a part of the Club Trésors de Champagne enables its members to produce the most demanding cuvées in Champagne, symbols of winegrowers’ expertise and of their terroirs: Spécial Club cuvées!



Our Missions: To bring together the winegrowers of Champagne to exchange ideas, help each other, offer a wine of excellence that reflects their high standards, their personality, and their terroir, while also working together to meet the environmental, social, economic, and cultural challenges of tomorrow.


The Club Trésors de Champagne is based on 4 common values, defined by its artisanal winemaker membersExcellence, Passion, Conviviality and Commitment. When joining, each new member must sign a Clubman/woman commitment charter based on these 4 values.


  • #Excellence



    The winegrowers of the Club Trésors de Champagne place excellence at the heart of their work at every stage of the winemaking process.

    They seek to sublimate nature and the best of their terroir in compliance with the required standards and certifications.

    This excellence is expressed in the Spécial Club

  • #Passion



    Proud to be artisanal winemakers, the Clubmen and Clubwomen convey their passion every day, driven by the desire to share, exchange, and promote their know-how.

    This is also what being a Club ambassador is all about!

  • #Conviviality




    Because champagne is synonymous with celebration, the Club regularly organizes events to get together and share their love of terroir. Whether at their estate, at trade tastings, or in their boutique in Reims.

  • #Commitment


    The Clubmen/women of the Club Trésors de Champagne are committed to making and promoting their wine in accordance with the principles of sustainable viticulture.

SPECIAL CLUB : A challenging Cuvee

The Club Trésors de Champagne is renowned for its unique prestige vintage cuvée: the Spécial Club.

Produced exclusively by the Clubs members, the Spécial Club reflects the very best from each artisanal winemaker. To qualify to produce this prestige cuvée, each winemaker must submit a promising vintage based on very strict specifications (a guarantee of know-how, authenticity, and quality). The application is subject to 2 blind tastings by a panel of independent oenologists.

Unique and recognizable thanks to the distinct shape of its bottle and the Club crest/label, this cuvée is available in limited quantities for sale from La Boutique in Reims, from Clubmen and women, as well as selected wine merchants and restaurants in France and abroad.

The Club has a unique wine library which includes the oldest vintage Spécial Club wines dating back to 1971, the association’s first vintage.

Spécial Club Cuvees