The Advent Calendar by Trésors de Champagne – Presentation and Conditions

Le 28 November 2023

🎉 Discover the Magical Advent Calendar by Trésors de Champagne! 🎁✨



Embark with us on an adventure full of surprises and festivities! 🌟 Every day from December 1st to December 24th, immerse yourself in the magic of the season with our exclusive Advent Calendar on Instagram. 🎅✨


Every morning, we’ll reveal a sparkling gift just waiting to find its happy owner. 🎁💫 And guess what? You could be the one unwrapping the surprise of the day! 🎉

Participating is easy and fun: follow our Instagram page, like the post of the day, and answer playful questions to increase your chances of winning! 🎄💖


Get ready to be delighted every day because at Trésors de Champagne, the holiday season is all about laughter, sharing, and sparkling gifts. 🌈✨

Stay tuned and make December an even more special month with Trésors de Champagne! 🎀🥂




Terms and Conditions of Trésors de Champagne Instagram Contest


  1. Organizer


The contest is organized by Trésors de Champagne Boutique, located at 2 Olivier Metra Street, 51100 Reims, hereinafter referred to as the “Organizer.”


  1. Contest Duration


The contest runs from December 1, 2023, to December 24, 2023, with a daily prize up for grabs throughout this period.


  1. Participation Guidelines


Contests are open free of charge and without any obligation to purchase for any legal adult wishing to participate, excluding employees or collaborators of the Organizer. It is open to a single registration on the application per person per day. Participant management is handled by the Organizer. Incorrect or fraudulent registrations will not be considered, automatically resulting in the nullification of the participant’s entry into the organized contest. Once their participation is considered, according to the rules stated in the post publication, participants are automatically entered into the draw.


  1. Contest Proceedings


Every day, an Instagram post will be published on the Organizer’s Instagram account outlining the mechanics of the day’s contest. Two Mechanisms will be organized, hereinafter referred to as “Mechanism 1” and “Mechanism 2.”

On specific days, a question will be posed in the caption of the Instagram post, automatically applying participation in the contest according to Mechanism 2. To participate, players must either:

  • Mechanism 1
    • Be subscribed to the Organizer’s Instagram page.
    • Have “liked” the daily post.
    • Have commented on the Organizer’s post.
  • Mechanism 2
    • Be subscribed to the Organizer’s Instagram page.
    • Have “liked” the daily post.
    • Provide a correct answer to the question in the comments of the Instagram post.

For all contests, opening and closing dates are mentioned on the dedicated post. The last registration taken into account will be set at 11:59 PM, the closing day of the game, and French time.


  1. Winner Designation


Each day, the winner will be randomly chosen from participants who have validated their participation according to one of the mechanisms described above. The winner will be determined by a random draw. The participant who has won a prize will be awarded the prize and mentioned on the game they participated in. The winner will be personally notified by the game organization via private message or in a comment posted on the Instagram page and in a story within fifteen days from the end date of the game. They will also be informed of the prize retrieval procedures they must adhere to in order to benefit from it. If, within fifteen days after the end of the game, the winner is unreachable, after sending an email and phone calls made by the contest organizers, the prize or prizes will be canceled. No claims will be accepted.


  1. Prize Retrieval


The winner must retrieve their prize in-store within a specified timeframe. In the event of the winner’s unavailability, a second random drawing will take place. Prizes must be collected at Trésors de Champagne Boutique, 2 Rue Olivier Metra, 51100 Reims, within 30 days from the contest result. In the event that a winner is unable to enjoy their prize, they cannot transfer it to a person of their choice, and the prize will automatically revert to the ownership of the game organization. No claims can be accepted.


  1. Prizes at Stake


The daily prize will be announced in the caption of the Instagram post. The won prize must be accepted as is and cannot be refunded, exchanged, or compensated with a cash equivalent. The organization reserves the right to replace the prize with another of equal value, without this giving rise to any claim.


  1. Announcement of Results


Results will be announced on the Organizer’s Instagram page in a story and in a comment on the post. The winner will also be contacted privately on Instagram.


  1. Modification or Cancellation of the Contest


The Organizer reserves the right to modify the terms of the contest or cancel it if unforeseen circumstances require.


  1. Acceptance of Conditions


Participation in the contest implies full acceptance of these general terms and conditions.



Done in Reims, on November 24, 2023.


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