Founded in 1968






Charly-sur Marne

Surface Area

21 hectares

Grape Varieties

  • 50% Chardonnay
  • 20% Pinot Noir
  • 28% Meunier
  • 2% Pinot Blanc

Estate Style

Elegance, minerality, and freshness

Our History

First and foremost a winemaker, each generation of the Nominé Renard family has passed on to the next the same devotedness for working the vines. Today, the 3rd generation benefits from their elders’ invaluable experience of the diversitý of vintages, soils, and climates throughout the Nominé-Renard vineyard. Their vines have always been cultivated with the greatest respect for the environment.

Simon Nominé meticulously monitors the vines to bring the grapes to their full potential. During the harvest, the fruit is selected́, carefully picked so that it gives the best of itself, and their champagne reflects their passion.

Elegant, mineral, and fresh, the champagnes from Nominé Renard bear witness to the expertise and passion of several generations of talented winemakers and producers. The estate is certified “HVE” and “VDC” since 2018.


51270 Villevenard

  • 03 26 52 82 60

- Reception at the property by appointment.
- Languages spoken: French - English - German - Italian
- Capacity: 15 people.
- Opening times: 9am - 5pm

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